A Leading Emirati Woman Pioneering Excellence In Global Coffee Culture

In a world often constrained by norms and traditions, there are exceptional individuals who defy expectations, blazing trails that lead to new horizons. One such extraordinary person is Sara Ahmed Alkhoori, an enterprising Emirati visionary, esteemed coffee connoisseur, and trailblazer. With an unwavering devotion to the art of coffee and an insatiable pursuit of perfection, Sara has left an indelible mark on the global coffee community while revolutionizing the specialty coffee landscape in the Middle East.

Sara’s personal odyssey serves as a testament to the transformative power of following one’s heart. Equipped with a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, her venture into the realm of coffee was serendipitous, sparked by a fortuitous encounter that redirected her trajectory towards an uncharted path. Armed with an engineering background, Sara boldly chose to navigate a less conventional course.

Sara’s tenacity and unwavering commitment propelled her to become the pioneering Emirati woman to achieve international acclaim as a certified coffee trainer endorsed by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). She also holds the esteemed position of a Sensory Judge for the distinguished World Coffee Championships. These remarkable achievements not only underscore her expertise but also serve as an inspiration, particularly for aspiring female coffee enthusiasts within the Arab Muslim community.

Notably, Sara holds the distinction of being an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST) and a Certified Coffee Sensory Judge, recognized by the esteemed World Coffee Events (WCE). Her journey is adorned with accolades, including multiple victories at the Aeropress Championship on both national and global fronts, along with her representation of the UAE at the esteemed World Aeropress Championship in London. Continuously devoted to enhancing her knowledge, she completed the postgraduate Excellence in Coffee Applied Science program in collaboration with Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW).

Sara’s influence extends beyond competitions and certificates. In a significant stride in April 2022, she embarked on a new chapter, assuming the roles of co-owner, COO, and Head of Roastery at Caliber Cafe. This elevated position empowers her to exert a more profound influence, ensuring her expertise propels the coffee landscape to unprecedented heights.

Her expedition has been defined by surmounting challenges, leveraging each obstacle as a stepping stone. The scarcity of certified coffee courses in the UAE during her initial foray impelled her to seek wisdom across borders, imbibing insights from the industry’s finest. Overcoming cultural resistance posed yet another formidable hurdle, as her pursuit of a coffee career encountered skepticism from family and community. However, Sara’s dedication and triumphs have transformed her into a role model, rallying the support she rightly deserves.

Peering into the future, Sara envisions a realm where she continues to elevate the coffee experience across the Middle East. In her role as a coffee consultant, she aspires to establish new thresholds of excellence for cafes and roasteries throughout the region. Her vision encompasses assuming the mantle of a national representative and head judge in international coffee competitions, further solidifying her global impact.

Renowned for her prowess in the coffee domain, Sara Ahmed Alkhoori is more than a trailblazer; she is a community architect, igniting passion for specialty coffee and nurturing enthusiasts in the art of coffee preparation, sensory exploration, and roasting. As she traverses the Emirates, her workshops and guidance are breathing life into a vibrant coffee culture.

With a heart dedicated to community service, Sara’s impact extends to a partnership with Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination. Here, she has harnessed her expertise to empower individuals, guiding them into the market with skill and confidence.

Sara’s realm of influence stretches into coffee consultation services, a domain where her expertise shines brilliantly. Her consultancy services encompass every facet, from crafting coffee bar setups, workshops, and supplying quality resources, to engineering beverage menus, managing front-of-house operations, and ensuring impeccable quality control.

Education lies at the heart of her journey, epitomized by her SCA certified courses, supplemented by a diverse array of other training options. From honing barista skills to empowering enthusiasts in the realm of home brewing, Sara’s commitment to education knows no bounds.

Intriguingly, Sara offers contract roasting, embracing the role of a white label roaster, a testament to her commitment to enhancing the broader coffee landscape.

Looking ahead, Sara’s vision transcends boundaries. She envisions a world where coffee farmers are elevated through education, where the journey of specialty coffee begins at the farm. By heightening awareness and best practices, Sara aims to enhance not only the quality of beans but also the livelihoods of farmers, effectively setting the stage for a more sustainable and robust coffee chain.

In the rich tapestry of coffee culture, Sara Ahmed Alkhoori stands as a luminary, a beacon of inspiration, and a catalyst for positive change. Her journey encapsulates the spirit of innovation, the pursuit of excellence, and the unyielding dedication to creating a profound impact, one cup at a time.

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