Dr. Shellie Hipsky: Championing Global Women’s Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

In a world where empowerment, leadership, and entrepreneurship are the cornerstones of progress, one woman stands at the forefront, inspiring change and fostering a sense of community among women worldwide. Dr. Shellie Hipsky, the CEO of Inspiring Lives International and the Executive Director of the Global Sisterhood, has dedicated her life to uplifting women and children globally. Known as the “Global Empowerment Coach,” Dr. Hipsky’s journey is a testament to resilience, vision, and unwavering commitment.

Dr. Shellie Hipsky’s story is not just about her accomplishments; it’s about the lives she has touched and the communities she has transformed. With a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Duquesne University, Dr. Hipsky embodies the essence of female leadership. Her notable achievements include being the editor-in-chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine and the host of Empowering Women Radio and Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie on NBC. She has graced over 60 magazine covers, earned international bestseller status for her books, and received numerous accolades, including the prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for her 4,000+ hours of volunteer service.

Dr. Hipsky’s journey has not been without challenges. When the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the print distribution of Inspiring Lives Magazine, she turned adversity into opportunity. By transitioning the magazine into a free online publication under the Global Sisterhood, Dr. Hipsky not only adapted to the changing times but also enhanced the reach and impact of her mission. The magazine’s focus on empowering stories resonates globally, fostering donations and support for the Global Sisterhood’s initiatives, from aiding domestic violence survivors to empowering women entrepreneurs.

Dr. Shellie Hipsky’s work extends far beyond traditional boundaries. She envisions a future where women, regardless of their background or location, stand united in their pursuit of empowerment and entrepreneurship. Dr. Hipsky plans to continue her impactful work, exploring avenues like podcasts and television shows to reach wider audiences. Her goal is to create a documentary showcasing the transformative work of the Global Sisterhood, from empowering entrepreneurs in Tanzania to educating formerly illiterate women in rural Nepal.

For those seeking inspiration, empowerment, balance, and abundance in their lives and work, Dr. Shellie Hipsky’s EmpowerU Master Class and World Class VIP coaching experiences offer invaluable insights. Through her teachings, she guides individuals to tap into their potential, create powerful brands, and connect with their ideal customers.

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As Dr. Shellie Hipsky continues her journey, she invites you to be a part of this transformative movement, where women empower women, and together, they shape a future of endless possibilities.


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