Tommie Mopia: Bridging Cultures and Enriching Lives Through Service and Entrepreneurship

In the mosaic of exceptional individuals that the Philippines has bestowed upon the world, Tamerlane “Tommie” Gelonga-Mopia shines as a luminary figure whose impact reverberates not just within his homeland but also across oceans and borders. His journey from the serene town of Guimbal, Iloilo, to international recognition is a testament to the values of hard work, perseverance, and community that are deeply ingrained in the Filipino spirit.

Tommie’s formative years in Guimbal were characterized by the essence of bayanihan, the unique Filipino spirit of communal unity and support. These early influences laid the groundwork for his future endeavors. His education at Makato Integrated School and Numancia Integrated School in Aklan provided him with a strong academic foundation, preparing him for the challenges that lay ahead. However, it was his time at the Adventist University of the Philippines in Silang, Cavite, that ignited his passion for service and leadership, setting him on a path to impact lives on a grand scale.

One of Tommie’s most remarkable achievements is the realization of “BULIG 2023,” a medical and evangelical mission with the theme “Healing bodies, reaching souls.” This initiative was more than a charitable endeavor; it was a tribute to his late father, Nemuel Tabares Mopia, who had envisioned such a mission but passed away before seeing it come to fruition.

Located in Makato, Aklan, the mission showcased Tommie’s exceptional organizational skills and unwavering commitment to community welfare. Collaborating with over 216 volunteers from around the world, the program provided healthcare services to nearly 4,000 patients. The range of services, from dental care to critical surgeries, amounted to an estimated 15 million pesos if charged for, highlighting the profound impact of Tommie’s efforts.

Tommie’s influence extended beyond healthcare, as he ventured into the realm of entertainment and cultural promotion. Through his brainchild, the TGM Group of Companies Inc., he created a platform for Filipino artists to shine on the global stage. His array of concerts and music productions celebrated the rich heritage and talents of the Philippines, resonating with audiences around the world.

Tommie’s dedication did not go unnoticed. The Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan honored his contributions with a plaque and a resolution, acknowledging his unparalleled commitment to community upliftment. His trajectory earned him the prestigious title of the 6th “Outstanding Man of the Philippines 2022” by Best Magazine. His impact was felt internationally, as he secured a place among the “75th most influential Filipino-American of 2022” in the United States. Tommie was also featured on CNN Philippines’ show “Final Word,” where his achievements were highlighted, and he was celebrated as the “Emerging Young Entrepreneur of 2022.”

Central to Tommie’s journey is the legacy of his parents, Nemuel and Rosenie Gelonga-Mopia. The untimely loss of his father fueled his determination to honor his memory and realize his unfulfilled dreams. Each endeavor Tommie undertakes stands as a tribute to his father’s vision and a testament to a son’s unwavering dedication to his family’s name.

Tommie Mopia stands not just as an accomplished individual, but as a symbol of hope, resilience, and the indomitable Filipino spirit. His story reminds us that with determination, vision, and an unwavering commitment to service, one can surmount obstacles and create lasting impact. As his narrative continues to unfold, it is evident that Tommie Mopia journey is far from over, and the world eagerly awaits his next inspiring chapter.


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